Wednesday, July 23, 2014

david smith at the clark

sam and i checked out the new david smith exhibit at the new clark art museum last week.  check out that first link for many images from the remodeled museum .. the clark has been closed for about 2 years and just reopened on  july 4th  .. sam and i went to the guggenheim exhibit back in 2006, which was a tour de force of the smith's incredible output of amazing steel work.  here's a link to images online from that show  he filled the whole main spiral and several side rooms .. an amazing show .. even the catalog was a whopper.  i've got it out again for a review and it's a great one ... the catalog is still available, but hang on to your checkbook ..

surprisingly, i was able to find this photo from our visit to the guggenheim in 2006
in my computer.  i think that is 'australia' behind us ... 
it was crazy crowded for a thursday morning at the clark, but we got to see what we went to see and it was all very inspirational
they are big
and they are colorful
and they are well thought out ... in the exhibit, they are set up exactly as 
mr smith had them set up in his meadow at bolton landing.
there were also a few other pieces with a circle theme
and a few of his large, interesting, 'spray over arranged objects'canvases.

they are all good in their own way ..

and the main collection was intact and only slightly rearranged.  above is the famous alma tadema designed steinway that took a lot of people a long time to create in 2005, 500,000 pianos after steinway made the original in 1887.
but the approach and the reflecting pools are quite striking ..

Thursday, July 17, 2014

another round dining table

trevors on the home stretch on this expanding wlanut dining table.  
it's another 60" round pedestal style table with leaves for expansion.
the clients placed the order while we were working on the mid century style table below
and the modifications to the design of the base we came up with together.
the model was helpful too ..
low down view, with the runners hidden by the apron
we used some fine walnut from our friends at irion lumber
cad drawing

Monday, July 14, 2014

a pop up tv cabinet

we sent a new 'pop up' tv cabinet off to california last week.  we've done a few of them over the years and we thought when we started out that it would be an exact copy, only slightly larger, of the piece below we made back in  2006 or so.  hardware above from horton brasses ... click the photo to enlarge them ...
as it turned out, while the designers (a famous california firm) were working on the project, the clients changed the main motif from 'country' to 'something more contemporary' , like 'mid century modern', which required a different finish. we sent it out 'ready to finish' and we'll all be interested to see what it looks like when it is installed later this week.
it's basically a plywood box with a decorative exterior composed of panels hung on it.
to keep the total height lower, we recessed the base of the lift into the base of the cabinet.
post and frame and panel construction throughout.
it's pretty wide at 68", so luckily the doors will only be opened to access 
and set up the audio/video components inside
home stretch
 the cabinet sits in front of an open stair railing and all sides and ends are visible.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

metal shop stuff

 sam's finished up a couple nice items in the metal shop this week.  above is a gate in process

and here it is, ready for paint ... love it!
 and we finished the reclaimed chestnut table top yesterday ..
 before the finish, above .. 'picture frame' style, similar to the 'basque style table we did back in january.
model below and a few other photos of the base in process at this link.
the model, in mdf and pencil .. 1/6th scale

Thursday, July 3, 2014


it's summer in vermont.  kit's yellow rose typically blooms around june 15th, and it gets a little harder to focus on working once that happens.  the days are long, and the light can be incredible.  things are still cooking in the shop though, i'm just not taking the time to write much .. i'll post a few projects here now, and then it will be the 4th!  always a favorite holiday at our house.
 trevor's working on a 60" walnut table with 3 leaves.
and he also finished up a run of six ladderbacks this week  to go with another 36 x 72" table he made a couple weeks ago.

 we got a load of reclaimed chestnut last week from our man in west virginia, jef harris at vintage log and lumber.  we're making a table top for the metal base above that sam made a couple weeks ago ...
 the top will be similar to the 'basque style' table we made last winter
it will have a natural finish, like the door below
and a sliding barn door for a client who is building a new house
 went on a site visit with sam yesterday to scope out the last section of a railing project
and chris is moving along on the pop up tv cabinet
and there's always the odd small project or repair .. very cool cow weathervane here.  hope to finish that one up tomorrow .. and the weather is glorius!  a little hot today, but we had a shower that cooled things off and the light after that was amazing .. a few 'summer' shots below
the asparagus 'eating season' is officially over
it's foxglove season,
and the fish are happy
almost as happy as the tomatoes ..